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So when do officers actually get fired?


That video is disgusting. 
The girl died





A group of young black men were filming at a Houston Walmart near the front entrance, when a cop who can be seen standing nearby at the beginning of the footage suddenly approached them and asked them for ID

One of the men said that he did not have to show his ID, which prompted the officer to draw his Taser and walk towards him. Another member of the group put his arm out towards the Taser-wielding officer out of fear that his friend might be tazed, which prompted the officer to push his hand away in anger and accused him of “resisting.”

One man can be heard saying, “Don’t taze me sir, don’t taze me sir!”

The cop threatens to call for an unit after another member of the group can be heard saying, “We know our rights. We know the Constitution, sir. We know the Constitution. Do I sound illiterate?”

“You know what, I’m calling for a unit right now,” the officer replies. “We’ll see how well you know the Constitution.”

“What’s the– What’s the unit gonna do, take me to jail for knowing the Constitution?” the man responds. “For standing for my freedom?”

As the video ends, another member of the group explains to the cop that he is a dialysis patient and could have been killed had he been tazed.

Please give the video below a watch and see if you think the cop’s action was justified and what laws the group might have broken by filming in a Walmart parking lot.

Fuck that cop

That guy is a fucking hero for standing up to that cop.

"you put your hand up to stop me from what I’m doing"

Apparently blocking an incoming fist is impeding an officer.

this is what i was referencing a few weeks ago when i wrote about being pulled over.

like when you’re black or latino or not white, cops BEGIN their interaction with you at like… level 21 on a scale of 1-10. like they are not calm from JUMP. 

it’s frightening what happened to these poor kids. just laughing about how all the carts are all over the parking lot and the next second, they’re afraid they’re going to die.

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to protect & serve

to protect & serve

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